Michael Burbank Properties, LLC , a private real estate investment Company, buys and sells (flips) real estate in the Greater Buffalo, NY area.

  • We never work on commission and are NOT realtors. 
  • We are real estate transformation experts who interact with our customers in a respectful, professional and ethical manner.

Quite simply, our goals are three-fold...

  • Buy  Purchase properties from homeowners regardless of their situation and renovate,
  • Sell  Transfer ownership of the transformed homes to individuals looking for an upgraded live-in ready home. 
  • Elevate  Raise the status of the surrounding neighborhood so that the community can leverage the usual rise in home values that our properties can effect.    

Everyone wins in Our three-sided transformative Buy, Sell and Elevate business model. 

If you are interested in selling, we will work with you to find a price that is suitable. If a fair price cannot be agreed-upon, we will shake hands and go our separate ways with no obligation. Michael Burbank Properties, LLC updates properties to meet or exceed area living standards. The home will be ready for new owners to "live-in" on day one without further any changes required. Customers have told us that our homes in many respects are better than newly built comparable homes because of the amenities we include and the much lower price point. 

Michael Burbank Properties LLC delivers quality homes which positively impact the home values of the surrounding neighborhood.

So if you are looking to buy or sell, please consider the transformative power of Michael Burbank Properties, LLC.