Our Story

Together, We have been running or contributing to successful IT consulting business units for different large IT Corporations for 40 plus years.

Our work goals have always been similar…

  • Exceed client expectations
  • Manage happy and productive employees
  • Produce profits for our employers

We were brought together through the friendship and subsequent life-long Christian commitment made between our children.

Our initial goal as friends was simple…solve a future housing need for our kids to support them while they completed their educational requirements necessary for their budding careers in the medical profession. Through our 2 month search, we found and renovated a two story double to serve as a future home for them along with other medical school students.

During this process, we realized we shared common interests in the renovation of “tired” homes in the Greater Buffalo area. We felt the over-abundance of these homes would allow us to leverage our combined 50 plus years of self-taught trade skills and give back to the community in terms of upgraded real estate. 

Hence, Michael Burbank Properties, LLC was born.

Our company values are reflected as an extension of our past...

  • Exceed our customer expectations by providing quality live-in ready homes
  • Be true to ourselves and those with whom we work
  • Provide financial support to our families in the process

Brian and Steve